Integration of our customer commodity codes and descriptions, into our system, allows efficient access to previous history and specifications. We have found that this valuable integration not only streamlines the ordering and fabrication process, but enables us to manufacture the part with the exact quality and consistency expected by our customer. Whether it is a standardized part, or a custom manufactured part or system, we maintain thousands of commodity numbers, and are able to retrieve all detailed information.

Adaptation to our customers' software programs, accounting procedures and on site visits to customers' facility, also ensures time efficiency of our client's personnel, while supplying a more precise and quality product.


Through plant visits, we directly consult and assist Boiler Specialists, Equipment Owners, Planners, Engineers and Purchasing Agents in the design, fabrication and requisition of their specific needs. On site service with our customer's personnel, enables more precise specifications and measurements of the required project. Assistance is also given in factoring budgets, planning and quotes.


We are enrolled in the JP Morgan Xign Network, enabling submission of invoices and payments electronically. At the request of this customer, we are able to adapt to their solution of administering their accounts payable and our accounts receivable through electronic web hosting.


We incorporate and preserve our customer's part or commodity number within our company's internal system, rather than reassigning our own part numbers, to ensure consistency and efficiency for our customers. We have a catalog and library, with direct and easy access, to our customer's history of the commodity number, plans, specifications and notations.


We have the current computer hardware and software capabilities, such as AutoCAD, DesignCAD, Myriad and other programs, to aid in reading and producing all computer generated drawing forms.